Question: "Why would a legal client visit the Law Office of Diane Baltzelle McWhirter?"

Answer: Because she CARES.

Cares about her clients guardianship, probate, estate planning or bankruptcy problems

Advocates for her clients in the court system and in mediations.

Researches law and technology to maintain a cutting edge.

Expects excellence in her legal product.

Succeeds in her trial and law practice for over 30 years.


In 2015, Fortune Magazine featured her practice in the September issue, Women Leader in the Law.

Combining 30 years of litigation experience with 25 years experience as a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator, Attorney Diane Baltzelle McWhirter expects excellence in her legal product. However, most importantly to her clients... Diane's passion for helping people translates into client success, using her tools of legal expertise alongside her caring and compassion. Through this approach, numerous clients of Diane's have benefitted from her advanced training, research and readiness for trial or settlement. A Florida native, Diane has served Central Florida through her law practice since 1983.

Diane Baltzelle McWhirter counsels her estate planning clients about the details of legal document preparation. She crafts the Durable Powers of Attorney for continuity in the Client's financial planning and instructs clients about safeguarding their legal documents.

Diane McWhirter helps navigate the bankruptcy system for those clients facing financial failure. She advises her client through the adversarial process on request and assists the client in following the federal requirements of the complex bankruptcy system.

As a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator since 1991, her mediation training includes skill development in facilitating agreements using complex negotiations. Certified in family, county and circuit court mediations by the Florida Supreme Court, she mediates in the Florida court system. She counsels a cost benefit analysis of each case to determine the cost of litigation versus the expected financial outcome of the case.

A graduate of Duke University and the University of Florida, Law School, Diane Baltzelle McWhirter cares about all of her probate, guardianship, bankruptcy and mediation clients. She continuously strives for excellence in her legal work, and uses her experience, education, legal research and technology to help her clients.